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Amare Medical Network is an integrated healthcare services company. We embody a people-driven organization delivering innovative staffing solutions to facilitate quality patient-centric care. 


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Our employees represent the foundation of our success as they exhibit a unique passion for providing compassionate care. Our Nurses and Allied Health Professionals provide a broad spectrum of care that spans from assisting with daily activities in a home in Pennsylvania to providing care for patients with major traumatic injuries in a trauma center in California. Regardless of where, when, or who, the Amare team strives to build stronger communities by enriching the lives of others through memorable connections and extraordinary care.

Our Creed

We are an organization that is Passionate and Caring. We take time to Build Open and Honest Relationships when working with colleagues, clients, patients, or strangers because Being Humble and Kind is important to us. We strive to Be Resourceful because we believe in Creating Fun and Happiness when providing care worthy of a million smiles.

Our Services

We provide integrated solutions for healthcare providers and patients while facilitating career opportunities for medical professionals.

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